About The Big Boys

The Big Boys Party rental is the place to go when planning any type of event. We service parties, weddings, events, games, fund-raisers and so on. We also come to the rescue when businesses are under construction or as temporary replacements for necessary facilities in the workplace or at construction sites. Our expertise has us running around all over New York and for that matter all over the United States.

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators have The Big Boys at the top of their contact list. As soon as an event is scheduled, The Big Boys have their hands full. Upon receiving the order, tables, chairs, tents, AC/heating units, podiums, stages etc. are set up, delivered and picked up right after the even. They work hand in hand with the event planners to ensure a maximum turnout and complete success!


And the big day is here! Bride and Groom can get married and have their guests enjoy maximum comfortability and convenience. Our luxurious restroom trailers, chairs, wedding canopy, and even shower trailers for the overseas guest whos flight just landed, and s/he needs a freshening up! You name it, The Big Boys have it!


Sometimes Businesses would find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Their offices being under renovation, workers would not have where to take a restroom break, or even just an air out; The restrooms being off-limits. The Big Boys would step in with the perfect solution- Restroom trailers! Harried workers now have where to take a much needed break and can freshen up in comfort!

Baseball Players

Strike! Foul! Catch it! Yippee!!! Homerun!!!!
Yup, it’s the baseball players having trouble again. Their family and peers coming to watch them starr in a long awaited baseball tournement cannot see them as the crowd’s so thick! Who would they call? You got it! The Big Boys step right to the rescue with bleachers in every size and height, customized to meet everyone’s needs! And they even have the folding chairs in mind for front row vips!!

Construction Foremen

The Big Boys make a difference in the field of construction too. They provide construction toilets, barricades, and miscellaneous items such as power chords etc. Construction foremen have repeatedly returned to the Big Boys for assistance in their projects. The ammenities supplied by the Big Boys proved to be indispensable!

Police Officers

Police Officers all over the country have had the privilege of dealing with The Big Boys too! They have repeatedly contacted The Big Boys to make use of the barricades rental, security booths, bleachers etc. Both enjoy an ongoing relationship, and work side by side at all kinds of events.